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Barnett Max – Rigging with Rob

Update: A couple readers who know about the Barnett Max have contacted me to let me know that the boat is actually from the 70s. Seems I was a bit off on my timeframe! Thank you to the diligent sailors out there for the correction.

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My buddy Robert Dall is in town for the SBYC Snowbird sailboat race this weekend. Robert is an avid Laser sailor and racer from the Sunshine Coast in Canada.

Near the end of last year I was given a “laser-like” sailboat by another boater in my marina. It needed some work to get it worthy of being on the water again, namely redoing all the adhesive around the hull joint.

Well, she is done and ready to start getting some sailing in this summer!

Robert had not seen her in real life so we pulled her out from her winter storage and rigged her up. Robert gave me some great pointers from his Laser experience on how to optimize the rigging and sailing.

The boat is a Barnett Max. It is very old. I think possibly from the 1950s. It is very close in dimensions and rigging to a Laser. I am wondering if it could be a predecessor of the modern Laser, which started in the late 1960s.

Information is hard to find online about this boat. If you know anything drop me a line in the comments. I would love to hear from you!

IMG_2754 IMG_2757

Stripping the old adhesive with Marine Formula by Debond Corp

Much of the old adhesive connecting the deck to the hull was rotting out. I previously removed the rotten stuff but there was some “good” adhesive that did not want to come out. Instead of continuing to beat myself up trying to rip it out I turned to the internet and found Marine Formula by Debond Corp.  It promises to make the process of removing the old adhesive easy, and it works! Spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, apply another coat if necessary.

Because this adhesive is old I went with three coats before I started pulling up the adhesive. It works swell. In fact in places the tension of the deck pulling away from the hull popped the adhesive off for me!

I took a quick video to show how well it works.

Boatitus strikes…again

IMG_1279Well it happened again…I got *another* boat. The new boat is a Barnett Max. It is an older boat that does not have much in the way of information on the internet. Its closest sibling is the Barnett 1400.

The Max is similar in size and rigging to a Laser sailboat, which is a small racing dinghy. Probably the most common small sailboat out there and often used for racing.

For a couple years I have wanted to get a Laser and learn to race it. The other day while talking to a buddy in the same marina as Penny he mentioned wanting to get rid of the Barnett Max he had. I happily offered to take it off his hands for him.

The boat needs a little work before it is seaworthy. The deck has come apart from the hull in a small area and the mast step may need re-fastening. Nothing difficult, just takes a little time. Will be a good fall/winter project. Get myself a drysuit and I will be out on the lake this winter!

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