Barnett Max – Rigging with Rob

March 17, 2016

Update: A couple readers who know about the Barnett Max have contacted me to let me know that the boat is actually from the 70s. Seems I was a bit off on my timeframe! Thank you to the diligent sailors out there for the correction. See also Barnett Max Resources   My buddy Robert Dall is

Stripping the old adhesive with Marine Formula by Debond Corp

October 2, 2015

Much of the old adhesive connecting the deck to the hull was rotting out. I previously removed the rotten stuff but there was some “good” adhesive that did not want to come out. Instead of continuing to beat myself up trying to rip it out I turned to the internet and found Marine Formula by

Boatitus strikes…again

July 15, 2015

Well it happened again…I got *another* boat. The new boat is a Barnett Max. It is an older boat that does not have much in the way of information on the internet. Its closest sibling is the Barnett 1400. The Max is similar in size and rigging to a Laser sailboat, which is a small