WordPress Multisite: Global options that can be overridden per site

November 27, 2016

I recently ran into a situation where a WordPress Multisite install needed to have some options replicated across each site, both new and existing. It also needed to be able to override the options per site if so desired. The solution is fairly trivial. Setup the options page in wp-admin. Ensure it exists on all subsites

WordPress: Add category to permalink and redirect old permalinks

November 24, 2016

Occasionally you run across a situation where a website permalink structure needs to be changed from what it has been to a new structure. Most sites that have been public will have links to them from other websites that need to properly redirect to the new permalink structure. Removing an element from the permalink structure

Prevent WordPress plugins from requesting updates

January 4, 2016

Ever need to “lock” a plugin into a specific version and do not want it showing in the updates list and getting accidentally updated? This quick snippet allows you to specify a plugin(s) that should not appear in the update list. This will effectively block them from updating through WordPress itself. Manual updates/changes to the

Getting social media shares with php

October 9, 2015

Quick snippets to help me (and maybe you!) remember how to quickly and easily get share counts from social networks. What other networks would you like to see? Facebook [php] function facebook_share_count( $post_id ) { $api = "https://graph.facebook.com/"; $url = $api . urlencode( get_permalink( $post_id ) ); $response = wp_remote_get( $url ); if( is_wp_error( $response

Basic WordPress Terminology: What the Layperson Should Know

October 8, 2015

WordPress proudly touts its user first design for ease of use, but on other end of the spectrum are the website owners. Even the owner of a simple website is instantly barraged with the seeming jumble of terms, acronyms, and phrases that make up a typical WordPress installation. An experienced WordPress website owner may not