Developing for Windows Azure in WordPress

March 26, 2012

Windows Azure is a very powerful and capable cloud hosting platform. Whether you are looking for highly scalable hosting, huge cloud storage, unshakable SQL Server, or massive CDN and caching, Windows Azure may have an answer for you. Windows Azure supports many open source technologies, including PHP and therefore it also handles WordPress. Running an

WordPress: Add or remove user contact methods in user profiles

March 14, 2012

This post goes along with a presentation I gave at the February Seattle WordPress Developers Meetup. The Seattle WordPress group is pretty amazing and I highly recommend joining if you have the opportunity. Get the slides and code If you would like to view the slides used during the presentation they are available as a

WordPress: Replace Built-in User Authentication

February 27, 2012

Synopsis WordPress is a powerful multi-user web content management system. Due to its multi-user nature, WordPress has long instituted a full fledged user system, complete with separated roles and permissions for each user. What happens, however, when WordPress is brought into an environment with an existing user repository? Out of the box WordPress has no

My WordCamp Victoria 2012 Presentation: The Proof is in the Pudding – Yep it works with Microsoft

January 8, 2012

Microsoft has been making a great effort over the years to embrace Open Source technologies and bring further support for Open Source projects to its platform. I was recruited last year by Microsoft to help further the interoperability cause and work heavily with PHP on Microsoft platforms. The platforms and tools of today have reached

Useful sites for WordPress developers

November 2, 2011

I was asked by another WordPress developer if there are any sites that I recommend other WordPress developers follow. I do have such a list and decided that I will publish it in the hopes that others will also find these resources useful. This site of course 😀 My WordPress posts The Codex WPRecipes WordPress