Retrieve remote JSON content with jQuery

June 30, 2010

I am currently working on an iPhone app using the PhoneGap project as a base. PhoneGap allows me to use my current web development knowledge to develop an application using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. A key component in almost all iPhone applications is retrieval of remote content. I am going to walk you through the

PHP+Apache: Enabling XSS for iPhone apps with PhoneGap and jQTouch

June 24, 2010

I am currently working on developing an iPhone app for Northwest Nazarene University. Part of this app will need to connect to the school’s webserver to retreive items such as news feeds and shared photo galleries. Being primarily a web developer I have turned to two projects created by Nitobi persons, PhoneGap and jQTouch. PhoneGap

jQuery: Selecting only the first level children

June 22, 2010

Using the .not() operator with jQuery it is possible to select only the first level of children of an element. This could come in handy on a menu for instance. Let’s see what the menu code looks like. Item Sub Sub2 Sub3 Item2 Item3 We are trying to get ul li, but not ul li

jQuery: Detect enter key

June 6, 2010

Sometimes it is nice to be able to detect when the user has pressed the enter. This is great for super custom forms and Javascript games. Or maybe a totally custom built app that is waiting for the user to hit enter for some reason. But how to detect the enter key? Luckily jQuery once

jQuery: Oh How I Love Thee

November 16, 2009

I started using jQuery last week and I am finding it to be a great library so far. It is very easy to interact with elements on the page in fun and creative ways. As a sample, I have been working with the Northwest Nazarene University web team and they wanted to develop a simple