Tip: Compiling on multiple processors

March 11, 2008

So let’s say your computer has more than one processor in it. I bet you would like to take advantage of that capability wouldn’t you? Especially when you are compiling something like openoffice.org (May as well shoot yourself in the foot while you’re at it!). So here is the dealio. All you need is a

Batch changing file extensions

December 24, 2007

This is a simple command that will change the file extentions of all files in a directory. It is rather simple and all it requires is base, for, do, mv, and echo. All of which any Unix based operating system should have. This also works on OS X. For this example I used bash on

Why NEVER to use WestHost

November 15, 2007

A couple years back I needed to move to a new web server and I had some specific criteria. First off I needed a Virtual Private Server (VPS) so I could have full control of my system. I also needed to have root access and be able to install any program I felt like. I

Running JBuilder 2005 on Ubuntu

March 6, 2007

I recently switched my laptop over to Ubuntu Edgy after a hard drive failure. When I tried to install JBuilder 2005 again I got all kinds of errors about libc.s0.6 and libpthreads.so.0 etc. I would give you the exact error, but I did not think to post about it till now and therefore did not

Your very own stuffed Tux

February 16, 2007

richiefrich of Penguin’s Lair recently brought to my attention a unique website that helps users design their very own stuffed tux. Thanks richiefrich, and thank you free-penguin.org! Download the plans hereTUX_pattern_0.6_a4 Update (March 26, 2012): Putting a copy of the tux plans on my site just in case the other site ever goes offline. It