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Katende Gospel Life Church


Sundays we are free to go to church. Church service here is unlike church in the USA and I love it.

I was invited to speak at the Katende Gospel Life Church. The church was in a small village an hour away from the guest house we are staying at.

Services here are a big deal. Everyone gets dressed up in the best clothes that they own. Service starts at 7 am and goes till it gets done. My church got out at 2 pm. Services are very dynamic. *If* there happens to be a service schedule it is loosely followed at best. People are very responsive in the congregation. During the music people jump around and dance their hearts out. It is fun and inspiring.

I spoke on John 1:1-5 which talks of Jesus being life and the light of the world. No darkness can stand against him.

During the medical clinic I saw a lot of pain and hurt. We were able to provide temporary relief to the people’s bodies, but the medication will only last for a few weeks. Jesus provides relief for all eternity.

After service the people gave a love offering. The people here have so little yet they give so generously. They have the equivalent of a quarter month salary.

I come here to bless the people, but every time I feel like I am blessed far more than I give. The Ugandan people do not have much but they are so sweet and giving of what they do have.

One week left and I am excited to continue sowing into their lives. Not just for this week but for years to come as well.


Positive Count

Count your blessings instead of your crosses,
Count you gains instead of your losses,
Count your joys instead of your woes,
Count your friends instead of your foes,
Count your courage instead of your fears,
Count your laughs instead of your tears,
Count your full years instead of your lean,
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean,
Count your health instead of your wealth,
Count on God instead of yourself.

This poem was taped inside the cupboard in the Pender Island house where the Jetpack meetup occurred.

Behold the power of positive thinking.

Read Through the Bible in a Year Calendar

Back in the 1990s I had on my website a PDF containing a calendar that will guide the reader through the entire Bible in one year. My father created it for the church we were attending at the time when they had their big reading push. I ran across it a couple days ago and thought I’d post it again for anyone interested. It’s an easy to follow plan for getting through the entire Bible in one year.

Download the Read Through the Bible in a Year PDF

NFC: 2010 Sr. High Youth Retreat

Nampa First had a great weekend youth retreat with the Senior Highers. Here are some pics for your enjoyment. Videos will come when I am not lazy.

(click to view the album)


Porn and Paper Pastors

I just read a good article that was sent to me via a Calvinist email group I am subscribed to. I rather enjoyed it and I think you should read it as well. Click the title below to be taken to the author’s website.

Porn and Paper Pastors

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