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Category: Gecko

Meet Herman the Leopard Gecko

This is Jordan Beaver’s Leopard Gecko Herman. Jordan lets him out to run around the office while he is working. Friendly gecko.


New Geckos! Frog-Eyeds

Pioneer West, a local petstore, recieved a couple neat looking geckos a few weeks back and after 3 weeks no one had purchased them, so I went in and made a deal with them. Got them both for $50 and also bought a tank and some crickets to go with it. Pretty good deal.

The new geckos are a new species to me. They are Frog-Eyed Geckos, or Teratoscincus scincus ssp. Cool looking little guys. Really skittish still though, but I am hoping to work that out of them. Strong too, A lot stronger than my Leopard Geckos.

I do not have any pictures of them up yet (nor at the time of writing this have I built the picture gallery :S), but you can see a picture of them on the GGa website

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