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Spring 2019 baby girl ultrasound

Baby Girl – Debuting Spring 2019

It’s official, as official as can be till it squirms out the birth canal, we are having a little girl!

Spring 2019 baby girl ultrasound

The dogs are excited to welcome another female to their pack.

Dogs Mariah and Bella with sign adding to our girl pack

Burien House repainted master bedroom

Repainted bedroom

Alix first ever paint stroke

First strokes

Alix first ever paint stroke

Alix patching them walls

Last night, as she prepped a room for painting, Alix learned the fine art of patching holes in drywall. Pretty in pink!


Kitchen sink plumbing update

Kitchen sink plumbing update

A couple weeks ago I noticed the kitchen sink seemed to be draining slowly. It has a garbage disposal and I figured the previous owner had left something in there without chopping it up. I flipped on the disposal switch, instead of a satisfying grinding noise all I heard was a low hum, then a pop and acrid smoke filled the room. The disposal had given up the ghost. 

Now I had a non-draining sink and a bad garbage disposal. I was already working on the floors and did not have time to worry about the sink, so it sat, for a week, half full of water. Boy did it stink when I finally got a hose to siphon the water out. 

The city of Burien has a strong composting policy, in fact they require you to compost and provide a second bin in the driveway, next to the garbage can, just for compost. So I ripped the disposal out, removed the sink drain, and re-plumbed it all into a straight drain. Food scraps go in the compost, not the sink. Simpler, less moving pieces to break, and one less potential fire hazard in an already overloaded electrical system. 

Happy sink drain. 

Kitchen sink plumbing update - annotated

Total cost: $25

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