Blown Seal: Rear Driver Wheel

April 5, 2009

I went to visit Josh and Bethany of the Bus Pilots to have Josh help me tighten up my steering. Turns out the steering is fine, just needed to adjust the worm drive a bit.

Bethany was walking around looking at the bus and noticed some leakage around the rear driver wheel. It has been getting worse. She was worried about what it may mean and had Josh pull the wheel off. Turns out the seal had blown and there was fluid all over my brake shoes. Luckily they had what I needed to get it patched up for now. I need to do an entire brake change, but there was not enough time or parts available so we cleaned up what was there, put a new seal and gasket on, and put ‘er back together. I stop much better now. Oh, do not use brake cleaner to clean painted surfaces…it took the paint right off my wheel. Check out the pics below, click one to go to the gallery.

This was basically hand tight :S
Blown Seal: Rear Driver Wheel

Gooey Goodness
Blown Seal: Rear Driver Wheel

All Clean!
Blown Seal: Rear Driver Wheel

2 thoughts on “Blown Seal: Rear Driver Wheel

  1. Bethany (April 5, 2009)

    We were happy to have you over and to help out. Whoever put your axle nut on last should be “talked to.” There is no reason you should be able to easily loosen an axle nut BY HAND. I’m glad you were here and we could fix it, at least for now…you stil need new shoes 🙂

  2. blobaugh (April 5, 2009)

    I am glad you had me over. This evening pulling that engine out and all the other stuff we did taught me a lot. Thanks!