ZDD: Zippy back at moorage

November 21, 2011

After a long drug out painting process, zzZippety Doo Dah is finally back on the water in her moorage! I am so excited that I am jumping the gun here and posting up a pic before I have her all back together. My apologies. Also I took this picture with my phone when it was getting dark out so the silver does not shine through. Jody did a great job at making the brushed metallic silver look and it is blinding when the sun hits. Until I get her setup again and the big post of the work here is a picture to tantalize you.

2 thoughts on “ZDD: Zippy back at moorage

  1. Herbster (November 21, 2011)

    Yeah, I saw it on Sunday, looking good.
    ah the tball clip Mastercard material, Priceless.

  2. Wei (November 23, 2011)

    Looking great buddy! Can’t wait to meet her in person!