When I picked up my bus the tail lights were iffy, and the signals did not work at all. In fact, on the way back to Nampa the tail lights completely stopped working. Scary to drive down the highway slower than everyone else with no tail lights! I started doing some electrical chasing and found out that the tail light issue was just with how the lights were seated. The turn signals were a whole different issue though. The wire for the rear signals was cut and hanging. I used some wire end pieces that clip together and some extra wire and got those patched up. Then I found out the front signals were gonners because they were 6v lights and the electrical has been converted to 12v. So I picked up some new bulbs and presto! Workage! Whoever changed the front left turn signal before I got the bus unfortunately tightened the cover too much and it broke on the screw :(. Also the front left light seems to be iffy. Inside the cab, the cylindar controlling the lights has a loose fit on the wire clip and it keeps sliding off, which turns the signals off again, but that is an easy fix. Take a look at the pic below. Click on it to see more.

Fixed the Tail and Signal Lights