ZDD: Zippey the Gardener

October 26, 2011

Unfortunately it seems like the previous owner of zzZippety Doo Dah did not take proper care of her hull, but as with all positive thinkers, Zippey turned what could have been a downer into an amazingly thick garden of muscles and other sea critter. Her hull was positively covered, so much that it was not possible to see the hull. The muscles were a couple inches long. I will post all the pictures from the Port Townsend trip when Zippey is complete, but you just have to see this garden for yourself.

zzZippety Doo Dah's Garden

zzZippety Doo Dah’s Garden

One thought on “ZDD: Zippey the Gardener

  1. Herbster (October 28, 2011)

    In this case, my imagination did not do it justice. You are going to be so amazed sailing this boat when she is all fixed up.