Bus Pilots March 2009 Garage Night

March 14, 2009

Today was the Bus Pilots March Garage Night. I am glad I got hooked into this group. There is so much knowledge available to me there it astounds me.

The garage night was held at a local car shop. They had really nice racks to lift the vehicles. I have decided that after I graduate, not only am I going to have a large shop to fix up vehicles, but I also need a couple of those racks!

Below are a couple before and after videos of the belt on my bus. Interesting way to tighten it. The pully actually gets disassembled and washers called shims get moved around. Pretty nice way of doing it actually, and super easy too.

Belt before tightening
Belt after tightening

Click on the image to view the entire set from the night.
Bus Pilots March 2009 Garage Night