March 2009 Portfolio

March 4, 2009

This past month has been pretty dismal for investors. Even my portfolio, which has been strong during down times, took a plunge this month. It seems from watching myself, as well as reading lots of industry news, that the cause for such a significant drop stems from Obama’s counter-economic actions. It seems almost everytime he says something about how he is going to make the economy better it drops more. Granted it already was not good, but when he took office the Dow was above 8k, currently it resides at less than 7k.

Enough bellyaching though. Investors not looking for quick cash are excited about the current state of the market. Discounted prices on stock in all the big companies. Eventually the market will right itself, and when it does people that have invested now, while the market is down, are going to be sitting pretty.

Here is a chart of my last months performance.

March 2009 Portfolio Chart