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How to find your Reason 5 license key with the Record 1.5 upgrade

Recently I tried to install the Record 1.5 upgrade for Reason owners. When i ran the Reason 5 installer I was asked for a license key, which I could not find in the box. As it turns out Propellerhead does not supply you with a Reason 5 license in the Record 1.5 for Reason owners box. There is however a license for Record. Here is what you do to get your Reason 5 license.

– Visit the Propellerhead website and logn to your account or create a new account if you do not have one
– Find the card containing your Record license and registration key
– Navigate to “Your Products” and enter a new Record product
– After you have successfully registered Record, return to your products page and you will see a license for Reason 5

I am not sure about the thought process that went into this weirdness, but I am glad to finally be rocking Record 1.5 and Reason 5!


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  1. Jay

    THANKS! You rock. I’m not sure what the Propheads where thinking, but It’s not exactly a process most would figure out on their own. Kind of a bummer given that the process has been so easy in the past.

  2. @blobaugh thank you for posting this but when I tried to do that it still said I had to register reason 5. Any Help?

  3. greg

    Same problem: I tried registering Record first, but it prompted me to register Reason first. I can’t register Reason without my license number and registration number.

  4. @jayson and @greg

    Yes, you should have to register your existing Reason first. This is to prove that you actually own the software that they are giving you an upgrade for and to prevent piracy.

  5. joy

    i need reason 5 licence number

  6. Ned Amana

    I have reason 5 but I trying downloading product license to activite my product but to much question. Please I really want the product so please help me..

  7. Benjamin Lusk

    I have my license number written down but cannot find my card with the reg code on it. What do i need to do?

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