FrankBot the Series I

March 19, 2006

Lol, Well I guess the subject says it all eh? I will be filling in some info on here about the goingons of my IRC Bot. Tonight after I got home from work I started in on him again. Now that he can see all the commands from a server as well as use them I decided he needs to respond to some things from users. So I had to figure out how to implement this. What I came up with is a new class to handle PRIVMSG’s. First it checks to see if the bot is recieving a command and if it is it checks against a list of commands that it knows (That would be the built in commands), if it does not know the command it is receiving the command is sent to the module parser to see if it is a command belonging to a module. The module part is the part that I have not figured out yet 😉 So there is an update in a nutshell. I figure what I just did cost me about an hour and a half of my time. Cheers