How Not to change a hard drive in a Macbook Pro

February 7, 2009

During Christmas break I received a 500 gig hard drive for my Macbook Pro. This generous upgrade from 120 gig will allow me to once again use my beloved linux on my primary system. I have been using OS X, but the longer I use it the less I am impressed with it. Still, it is a good OS and I highly recommend it over any Microsoft OS.

Anywho, last night I finally ripped everything apart and replaced the drive. Along the way I found out just how fragile the cable that runs across the HD to connect to the IR sensor really is. I was trying to position the drive back into place and I briefly grabbed the cable to get it out of the way. The weight of the drive caused the cable to rip. Take a look at the carnage below. Luckily I have found that I am still able to use the HD. OS X has been installed, and linux is on it’s way!

(Click to see a bigger picture)
Macbook Pro ripped HD cable