Portfolio Chart Feb 2009

February 6, 2009

Many people are going on about now being a terrible time to get into the market. Everything is down, the world is falling apart, yadda yadda. There are tons of excuses. I position that now is the BEST time to get into the market. Everything is low! Look at companies like Disney(DIS). Disney stock is less than $20 per share right now, and before this recession it was over $50. Many point to this as a reason not to invest, but it excites the heck out of me. Disney for less than $20!?! Take a look at this company, good history, pay dividends, solid company, lots of money in the bank. There is no way Disney is going to fail. Start buying up their stock, and other companies like them. Usually the people who complain about the market are average joes that do not take time to look for themselves. Look for yourself! Check out this example below. Last August I opened a Roth IRA. This chart shows the activity of my portfolio from then till now.

Stock Chart for the Beginning of Feb 2009