Day Three

February 4, 2009

Jeff and I were unable to meet for our Bible study today, and though I am eager to share Galatians 3 with you all I have decided that I am going to wait until tomorrow. Jeff may have some view point that I have not thought about and I would hate for you to miss the goodness. So instead I will just update you on my day.

This is the third day. One would think that by the third day they would be absolutely famished. I feel great though. I have not had any problems with hunger really. I even sat in the cafeteria with a friend for an hour and a half today without any problems. It has to be a God thing, cause I should be driven out of my mind being near food now. I am, however, looking forward to eating again. Not because I am hungry, but because it is comfortable. It is a little uncomfortable to not eat. Not terribly, but I feel empty and that is really a weird sensation. Jeff was feeling a bit off today. He was lightheaded for a while, and he says he is feeling a bit weak as well. We decided that we should drink a glass of juice today to get a bit of nutrients. Boy, never has a drink of anything tasted better! I thought it might be hard after that, but it hasn’t been. I think Jeff will probably be drinking some juice for the rest of the time, but I am still going to try water only. In future fasts there will definitely be juice though! Water is just so ugh, but it helps me remember that I am not doing this for my own comfort, but rather to channel my physical discomfort into something for God. And let me tell you, it has been a pretty incredible experience!

Tonight my roommate, Nick, spoke at Timeout. Timeout is a Wednesday night churchy type thing that several students seeking a deeper relationship with God put on. Though I live with him I have not heard his complete testimony, I knew pieces of it, but tonight he told all of us. All I can say is wow! That kid has been through a lot. He was a social outcast because he looks Mexican most of the time he was growing up. He has been in a gang, and even joined the mafia at one point. You name it and he has done it. Something happened on one of the runs and another member of the mob got caught by the police. Everyone else scattered. He had no contact for quite a while and that gave him time to think a bit. The mafia eventually called him back but he felt different and eventually wound up crying out to God for help. Miraculously the mafia let him go, all his addictions ceased, and he, once a highschool dropout, while be graduating this year! God truly is amazing and can pull of some amazing stunts.

Sorry for the lack of Biblage tonight. Jeff and I are doing chapters 3 and 4 tomorrow so read up and be prepared.

One thought on “Day Three

  1. Mom (February 5, 2009)

    Glad to hear you are still doing well!