Introducing the Meetup API client for PHP

January 2, 2012

I am working on a pretty major project right now and one of the requirements is the ability to interact with the Meetup API. I looked around and found one existing Meetup client in PHP, however it is horribly architected and as I started using it thinking I could improve it I decided it would be too much work and scrapped it to build my own. This new client is much more compact and efficient. The excerpt from the Meetup API client for PHP website says:

Meetup ( is a social networking site based around community groups. Meetup provides an API to access their platform services from remote applications to manage authentication, events, rsvps and more.

Until now a good PHP client for the Meetup API has not existed. This project aims to bridge that gap by providing a high quality stand alone Meetup API PHP client. This client is simple to use through provided classes and also allows powerful advanced usage through direct queries to the API

The client is quite simple to setup and get running in your application quickly. Most of the GET endpoints are currently supported with plans on implmenting the rest and support for POST on the way. Check the following resources to get up and running.

You can get the client from the Meetup API client for PHP Github project page

Please try it out and leave feedback on issues and desired additions on the project issues page

P.S. oAuth support is currently in the works!

One thought on “Introducing the Meetup API client for PHP

  1. Manuel Perez (November 6, 2016)

    Hi, Ben,

    I don´t know the status of your development.
    If you don’t mine I’d like to contact you to comment the status of my project regarding meetup also.