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Current Keyboard (Musical) Setup

Took a snapshot of the current keyboard setup I am playing with.  On the top of the dual keyboard stand is an M-Audio Axiom 66 which produces no sound itself, instead it interfaces with the Macbook Pro laptop I run Propellerhead Reason 4 on (Hoping to do the Reason/Record 5 upgrade soon!). The bottom keyboard is a Korg Triton Extreme 88, a versatile kick butt powerhouse. The Macbook Pro and Triton Extreme are hooked into a 16 channel Behringer mixer which sits behind where I stand. Sitting on the Triton, to the right of the screen, is a small box which has independently control input levels, one from the house monitor and the other from my mixer. A line then runs down behind where I stand into a headphone extension which plugs into a set of in ear headphones so I can hear what is going on. This setup is rockin’! Of course I am hoping to continue making it better. I want to upgrade my mixer to a good brand, build a nice cabinet to mount all my sound modules in at a good height, and an additional Macbook Pro or a custom rack computer to add more Reason power!

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September 2010 Keyboard Setup


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  1. Jim

    And you’re going to get a keyboard stand to accommodate all that as well, right?

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