VW Bus: Changing the exhaust

September 2, 2010

I had a god-awfully loud exhaust on my 1965 Volkswagen Bus that awoke people two blocks over in the mornings and drove me nuts. I ordered a new exhaust from Cip1 and here are the steps I took removing the old one and putting the new one on.

Original noisy exhaust

Original noisy exhaust

New Exhaust

You want to make sure the engine is cool when you do this because you exhaust system can get quite hot.

Take off the rear bumper and the rear engine tin. Once you have that completed follow the exhaust pipes back to where they connect on the motor. There could be up to six connection points, though mine only had four hooked up. Take all the bolts out and put them into a safe place. I use a magnetic mechanics bowl just for this purpose. Now pull straight backwards on the exhaust and it should slide off. All the carbon and such coming from your motor may have it locked on there tight, but a couple good yanks should allow it to come right off. This is what it should look like once your exhaust is off.

Rear view of motor without exhaust

My original exhaust was all one piece, but my new exhaust was two pieces, headers and a muffler. If you have a single piece you are almost done, if you have two pieces pick up the headers and slide them on where you just took the old exhaust from and put the bolts in. If you ordered a kit you should have some new gaskets, don’t forget to put those on. It helps seal the exhaust and prevent leaks. Here is a shot of the newly installed headers.

New headers installed

Now the final item to complete the new exhaust is the muffler. Slap on the gasket and bolt it up to the headers.

New exhaust

Congrats, you have new exhaust! Just bolt up the tin, replace the bumper, and put away your tools and you will have successfully changed you own exhaust.

2 thoughts on “VW Bus: Changing the exhaust

  1. Corey (September 7, 2010)

    Are the Microwave and Keyboard in pic #2 required tools for the job?

    1. blobaugh (September 14, 2010)

      ABSOLUTELY! But that keyboard is actually an old Compaq laptop 😉