Bus Pilots: 2010 Family Reunion

July 19, 2010

I had a great time at the Family Reunion this year! I highly encourage anyone reading this to check out the Bus Pilots website and attend next year. It is a weekend long event starting Friday evening and ending Sunday afternoon. On Friday we all met a Sonic in Boise for dinner. Afterwards we cruised the dubs around downtown Boise drawing quite the attention and frustrating all the non-VW drivers. Mike then graciously allowed us to crash his place for a social BBQ. Saturday morning we did a road rallye. That was a hoot. Each car was given cryptic directions and we had to attempt to follow them and pick up clues for points along the way. It was great driving around Boise and seeing everyone else turning down random streets just as lost as you. And then there was Sunday, the big day. Sunday we all piled in to Anne Morrison park in Boise and lined up the cars for the show. It was great fun, perfect weather, good food vendors, and lots of cars. I think the total came in around 90. Come next year if you can, and keep an eye out on the Bus Pilots website for more events!

I took pictures of almost every car there. You can view the full gallery by clicking any image below.