Finally Back on Linux in the office with Wubi

June 3, 2010

All of the Web Development office computers at Northwest Nazarene University are managed by IT and contain a Windows XP image that is parceled out over the network. I do not particularly enjoy working on a Windows machine and today I ran across the Wubi project again. It allows a user to install Ubuntu Linux on their Windows based machine to try it out. There is no need for any extra partitioning as Wubi installs as a Windows program. It sits inside the Windows partition and can be remove at any time through the control panel, thus keeping your Windows install safe. Upon computer boot the Windows boot menu will pop up asking you to choose to boot Windows or Ubuntu. It works great and now I have my full Linux development studio setup again. Should have figured there would be a project out there that let me have my Linux without hurting the Windows image. Go Linux!

Check out a screenie. I even got OSX to run inside VMware Player inside my semi-virtual Linux!

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