Tryouts for GNOME

March 16, 2006

So I’ve got this great idea for a program that I would like to start building this summer. I pretty much only use my laptop so I did not have a desktop system setup and I needed more power than my laptop affords me. Well I got my desktop system back from a friend and after spending a few hours getting it cleaned up (He has a VERY dusty place. It was in everything) I started installing my new favorite Linux distro on it, Debian. Ok so I get everything setup and it’s all nice and purdy, now what. Well at my college we have been using Ubuntu in our Linux class, Ubuntu uses GNOME. Historically I’ve hated GNOME. I’m a simple man and I want a simple manager so I use fluxbox. It gives me what I want, a place to run my GUI apps. But I am starting to realize that it can be a real pain to have to do everything by hand so I thought I’d give GNOME another chance. So far it has been working out and I just may keep it around for a bit. Though I don’t neccessarily like overhead the GNOME uses I do like many of the features. Such as the ability to control all my system fonts, sound alerts for some actions/errors, and I’m getting used to GNOME automagically mounting things as I insert them. Oh yeah, I’m pretty stoked about how easy GNOME makes it to connect to my network servers.

So all in all it has so far been a fairly good ride. Now I just need to get my shortcut keys I’m use to from fluxbox to work and do some other geek tweaks and I think I will be ready to start using it. Then let the programming begin!

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