“Enjoy the Day” by Brad Mahugh

May 24, 2013

I just returned from Brad Mahugh’s memorial service. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Brad but I do know his brother Doug Mahugh, a man who I greatly respect and admire. Doug’s remembrance of Brad’s life makes me positive that I would have liked the guy. Brad was an accomplished musician and one of his songs entitled “Enjoy the Day” was played. I feel it is particularly apt for Brad and a good reminder for us to enjoy each day that God has allotted to us.

“Enjoy the Day” by Brad Mahugh

enjoy a forest and some trees
a blue sky and a warm cool breeze
smell some flowers
feel some leaves
enjoy each step upon the earth
may you move with ease
enjoy the day
it’s nothing sold or bought
enjoy the day
it’s the only one you got
enjoy the day
don’t let it turn to rot
don’t forget it
or let it slip away
enjoy the day


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