From Wires to Wind – A wedding tribute to Alcane

April 12, 2013

*image of the stars* Alcane and I met on a fateful many years ago… *image wavers into classroom with professor lecturing* Alcane sat a few rows in front of me in a computer class. On that day we were learning how to remotely take control of other student’s computers. Already knowing the material, I figured out how to get into the professor’s machine on the projector. I attempted to have Alcane hack the projector for me by proxy. He did not fall for it, but sensing my level of nerdiness we quickly became friends. I found a kindred lover of computers and music in Alcane and as we started hanging out I found his quick wit and love of playing shenanigans on our professors compatible with my own. Over the years and no matter how many miles have separated us Alcane and I have kept in touch. For the past twelve months I have had the honor and privilege of calling Alcane roommate and we have embarked on a new adventure together, sailing. Our friendship has gone from wires to wind. Sailing with Alcane has been a great source of joy and relaxation to me. Though we differ on the meaning of “clean” Alcane has been an amazing person to live with. I will miss the movie nights, long walks in the park, the sailing, and his fantastic cooking. Alcane I wish you a long and happy life with Andie. Andie I envy you the gift you are receiving with Alcane. Be sure to invite me to dinner to partake in his cooking sometime!

One thought on “From Wires to Wind – A wedding tribute to Alcane

  1. Alcane (August 24, 2020)

    Miss you buddy. 🙂

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