Some good wind today!

March 18, 2013

Alcane and I took the boat out this afternoon as an escape from a hectic and crazy day. Zippey is getting a lot of growth along her bottom. I am still frustrated that no ablative was put on the bottom when I had her painted. I was told first that soft ablative was going on, then hard ablative, but there is nothing… I need to get a scrub brush and get down there to clean the plantation off.

When we first left the marina the wind was really light. By the time we passed the point the wind was whistling through the rigging. It was great fun! I have not had Zippey in at sort of wind for some time. Lost a lot more of the 130% genoa. It is definitely time to replace that sail. I need to think about getting a jib now as well. Sinclair inlet was fairly protected and I needed the 130% most of the time. Winds in Elliot Bay are much stronger.

I am also worried about the centerboard. Last time I saw it was on the trailer where the swing keel was jammed up into the slot to put on the trailer. When Zippey was placed back into the water no slack was taken up from the centerboard cable when I attempted to lower it. With the higher winds it is important to have the centerboard down. When the winds came up I let the rail get close to the water, but no it. Still a bit skittish until I know for sure I will come back up.

Docking was interesting. A big gust of wind caught Zippey as I was turning into her slip. We almost bounced off a couple boats. Had to travel back down the lane to a free slip and try to pull in again. The second time was perfect.

Anywho, it was a short but great sail. Excellent tension and stress reliever as always.