Today’s storage technology is amazing

February 6, 2013

I needed some additional storage for my MacBook Air so I ordered a new USB stick from and added a third of my capacity. It arrived in the mail yesterday and today I cannot keep from marveling at how drastically our storage devices have changed in a relatively few short years. I remember getting excited about receiving a 500 *megabyte* hard drive the size of my hand. Then in school I thought I was hot stuff because I had the first 32 megabyte USB stick in town, and it was only a few inches long. Now I have a 64 *gigabyte* USB stick that is smaller than a single key on my keyboard!!!

To help visually illustrate what I am talking about, take a look at these two photos. The hard drive photo I found online, but the USB stick is the actual hardware I received yesterday.

Click a photo to enlarge

EDIT: Found a pic of my computer science lab in college. Now that was a truly huge drive!

What amazes you about the growth and change of technology over the years?

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