Sailed Lake Washington on a Lightning Sailboat today

October 2, 2012
Lightning Sailboat

Lightning Sailboat

Unfortunately this is not my pic, but we definitely looked like this a couple times! ( Minus the swim back to the boat )

I met a fellow while kayaking a couple weekends ago who also shares my passion for sailing. Turns out that though the kayaking trip took me far from home he happened to have a sailboat moored quite close to where I live. He owns a Lightning sailboat. The Lightning is a 19′ sloop rigged boat classified as a sailing dinghy. Lightnings are fairly popular with 15,000 of them built starting in 1938. There is even an International Lightning Class Association for those interested in racing.

I have been keeping an eye out for two additional types of sailboats, a car toppable that I can easily carry with me everywhere, and a easy trailerable sailboat that holds a good amount of people and I can tow around to events with friends. In the Lightening I have found the latter. It is now going to be a quest of mine to obtain one of these fine sailing vessels.

It was a great day to sail. Started a little chilly, but it burned off and became quite warm. The winds steadily increased throughout the day until the boat rail was almost constantly buried ( in the water ). I handed the tiller to the owner, who being more ambitious and confident with his boat than myself, proceeded to tip us way over. There were a couple times when water was over the gunwales and very close to coming into the cockpit, the sails even kissed the water a couple times. My new pal handled the boat like a dream and we fairly screamed across the water. I only served to slow him down in maneuvering. All in all it was a great day, good new friend, good wind, good waves, good boat. Thanks Bob!

3 thoughts on “Sailed Lake Washington on a Lightning Sailboat today

  1. Bob Brett (October 4, 2012)

    It was my pleasure Ben. Yes, that was a great sail on Tuesday and a great write up too! Would you mind if I reposted the above on my facebook page? I like the photo too. Do you really think we were healed over that much?

    BTW… on a good windy day I, on occasion, bring water over the gunnels into the cockpit. I can handle it and it adds to the thrill. We will try for that next time. 🙂

    And yes, I look forward to getting out on your boat and maybe with some of your friends w/ bigger boats.

    Your friend and brother in Christ,

    Bob Brett

    1. blobaugh (October 4, 2012)

      Hi Bob! Oh yes, we were heeled over that much. In that pic the water is almost coming into the cockpit. We only did that a couple times, but we were at the rail quite often there near the end when the wind was really kicking up.

      Feel free to post this wherever you would like 🙂

  2. bob brett (October 4, 2012)

    I love it!