How to get a developer job part V – Tap into some resources

October 7, 2012

This is part V of a multipart series titled How to get a developer job in Seattle, or Anywhere.

Up to this point you have learned how to create a resume, build credentials in your target community, and to show of what you have done and can do. Now it is time to start translating that into the actual job hunt.

I am going to focus on just three online resources. These are only three of the major job outlets online. You should also be looking into job boards in your community, and any other ways in which jobs may be posted and found in the community.


Monster is probably the most well known job site on the entire internet. With over a million job posting at any time there is sure to be something there to catch your eye. Monster is not a tech only job board, but spans the entire gamut of industries and positions.

In addition to being the largest job site on the internet, Monster also provides many really good tools to help you build resumes and show off your skill set. If you are still having issues filling in your resume run through the resume wizard. You may be surprised at the amount of information Monster is able to pull out of you. It is good to use this wizard anyways. Use the results to improve upon your existing resume.


Dice is one of the premier technology job sites on the internet. At the time of this writing there are approximately 90,000 jobs listed. Dice also provides some great tools for helping you create an online resume. Use the advanced search option and you can drill down very specifically for the job type and locations you are looking for. Additionally, Dice is one of the few job sites that supports telecommute only position searches.

The Ladders

The Ladders is a premium job site. This site is not your normal “go and search site”. The Ladders works hard to connect you with employers and recruiters tailored to your specific job desires. It does cost money, though there is a free version that allows you to search through the job listing titles, and will attempt to electronically match you with employers.

This article has been much shorter than the rest, but there is simply no way to cover all of the available resources out there to find a job. Be sure to look around your community for job boards, be they online or on a pin board. Additionally you should connect in the human element and have your friends keep an eye out for opportunities as well. More about that in the next article coming out tomorrow.