Over the past couple years many people have come to me for advise on getting a job, and a few have asked me to help in the process. I created my own method and thus far it has been highly successful. Out of the 9 people I have been directly involved with helping, 8.5 of them have great, well paying, jobs now. The .5 is one fellow that is currently interviewing but I feel good about rounding it up :).

My method is not new or revolutionary, it simply involves better utilizing the tools at your disposal. In fact this method can be applied to pretty much any field you may wish to work in, simply identify the tools that field uses and use them yourself.

Getting a great job (or a job at all!) is a process that should not be taken lightly. It is a lot of work, but I promise that if you keep at it you will eventually get that dream job you are aiming for. You do not even necessarily need much experience in the field you want to get into. Throughout this article I am going to refer to a friend, let’s call him Steve, that I took through this process. He used be a slave to the daily grind in a manufacturing plant, always struggling to keep himself and his new wife above the murky financial waters of bankruptcy,  but now he works for a prestigious WordPress development firm and has begun to built a solid financial future for himself and the new family he is building. Much of this article will be aimed at developers, however if you are not a developer I urge you to look around your own field and find synonymous tool. Learn them and utilize them.

Due to the length of this article I have decided to turn it into a mini-series

Note: These articles will go live over the course of a few days 🙂

I hope you enjoy this series of articles!