NNU Contact Info

August 23, 2008

Hi All. If any of you want to send me care packages of cookies or a mac mini feel free. You can also send me card, flowers, and money 😀

My NNU mailing address is:
Ben Lobaugh
NNU 2055
623 Holly St.
Nampa, ID 83686

I supposedly have a voicemail and phone extension somewhere as well, but I am not sure where nor do I care so you can still call my cell:

I am on MSN:

And on IRC:
blobaugh@irc.freenode.com – Usually in the #tld room

And of course there is always email. I do have an NNU email account, but I probably will not check it much unless I can get it plugged into my email program(they say it can, but no luck so far):

Of course get rid of the NO@SPAM and replace it with @