The ABC's of Writing Winning Business Plans

The ABC's of Writing Winning Business Plans


How to prepare a business plan that others will want to read and invest in

ISBN: 0-446-69415-0


Learn how to prepare and utilize the most important document for any organizationthe business plan. Whether one is just starting out or is already in business and needs to refocus efforts, this practical guide will clearly instruct how to prepare a winning business plan. This book will become a valued resource for entrepreneurs and business owners on their path towards future success.


The ABC’s of Writing Winning Business Plans is another in the Rich Dad’s Advisors series. As usual this book was fun to read. All of the Rich Dad’s Advisors books are neither boring, nor dry, and this was not exception. Garret Sutton does a great job of explaining what a business plan is, why it is needed, and what all the pieces are. He does not get into the real nitty-gritty but more than enough information is provided to get you started and encourage you along the way. This book is a definite must read if you are thinking of going into business or trying to reevaluate an existing business.


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