I got an iPhone!

January 30, 2008

My poor Motorola v551 has been a good phone to me. I have had it since 2004 and it is feeling it’s age. That phone has lasted through many drops, tosses, and underwater episodes. One time it was turned on and in a lake for three hours. My bad, did not realize I was going to be getting wet. Alas though, it was time to get a new phone. I really liked the v551 and I wanted something that would also find it’s way into my heart. My hunt began.

When Apple first released the iPhone I wanted one. I started reading reviews and decided that it was not yet the time so I just kept saving up money and looking at my options. There were a couple Linux PDA phones that looked good to me. I could never quite find one that just stuck in my brain though. Around the beginning of January I pulled into Starbucks on my work lunch break and a couple friends where there hanging out with a group of their friends. One of them has an iPhone. He let me mess around with it a little bit and the desire for an iPhone started coming back. I went back to work and kept working *cough (looked at iPhone stuff)* very diligently. I gathered a bunch of info about the changes and such and they excited me. I check in my budget and I did infact have enough to get an iPhone. So I called up the local wireless shop and they ordered one for me. I got the 16 gigabyte version because a friend heckled me that 8 gigabytes was too small. That is still a lot of storage space but I went with the 16. So far I am loving it. Instead of carrying around a PDA, digicam, and a phone I now only have to carry my iPhone. I have all my email accounts on it and am instantly alerted anywhere I am that I received an email, and I can read it. Heck, I hardly ever open the email program on my computer anymore now. All the contacts on my Mac synced to the iPhone without a hitch. So did my calendar events. It is just so cool. I do have a bit of music on it too, but I rarely listen to it. I am usually at work or at home with good speakers hooked up to the computer so there is no need. It comes in handy when I am at the gym and my workout partner does now come, however I feel a little strange with wires coming out of my ears excluding the entire world. I scoffed at watching movies on the tiny screen, but just for kicks I downloaded iSquint and put a couple movies on there. The quality is pretty good. About the only time I could see watching a movie on a screen that small is if I am on a long trip where I am not driving and my Macbook Pro is not available to me(a sad day indeed), but it is cool to keep a couple movies on there for effect :D. The camera is not that great, kinda gotta figure that from a 2 mega pix camera on a phone, but it gets the job done. If I need a quick shot of something, or got into an accident I would have photo evidence. People say SMS(texting) is really bad on the iPhone. I rather like it myself. Sure I had my v551 keypad memorized and could type almost as fast on it without looking as on a regular keyboard and that feel is no longer available, but the keyboard is on the screen which makes things faster, and Apple built a great autocorrect that is almost always right. My only gripe with SMS is that I cannot text multiple people at one time. I like that ability to send out one message to all my friends at once about an event. A small drawback, however, for the rest of the capabilities and functionality I get from the phone. There is a lot of criticism coming at my from both sides, people who hate the iPhone and people who love it. I for one love the iPhone and think it was a great purchase. I recommend you consider it during your next phone purchase.