Server Move Complete and New Blog Online

March 11, 2008

The move from my old web server to the new one went swimmingly. You are now visiting a site proudly hosted with MediaTemple. They seem to offer great packages. Their custom control panel is pretty nice and fairly intuitive.

My new blog is online now as well. Took a bit of time for me to get it back up just because I did not relish the thought of going through my previous custom blog and pulling out all the posts.

The blog now runs off of WordPress, which seems to be pretty decent so far. Their control panel is really flashy. I have never really liked the idea of using other peoples software for my websites when I can just make my own and then have total knowledge and control over what is happening, but I have had plans on completing my blog software for so long and have not had the time to get around to it I finally just put WordPress on my development server to test it out. It has improved a lot over the years since I used it last. For now I am going to be keeping it around since it makes things so much easier for me. Then if/when I get the chance to complete my CMS and custom blog software I can easily export all the entries from WordPress to an XML file and write a custom script to import them to my blog. That will make it nicer for people that may switch away from WordPress to my software too 😀