Patience diffuses the negative; Kindness initiates the positive

May 22, 2024

I saw a father in a park the other day. His son was clearly upset about something and acting out. The father squatted down next to him and was patiently trying to sooth him. Soon, the two walked out of the park, hand-in-hand, the son skipping lightly at his side.

Meanwhile, several blocks away, another kid was running around causing general chaos as his mother verbally berated him from the sidelines, doing more to egg him on than to ease the situation.

What did I learn from each of these situations?

  • The father had patiently sat with his son and helped him work through the emotions he was feeling.
  • The mother impatiently yelled at her kid, demanding his change.

Where the father exercised patience, he was rewarded by seeing his kid calm down. His kindness helped his son come to terms with his emotional state and move forward.

This experience reminded me of a quote from the Love Dare for Parents

“Patience is how love diffuses something negative. Kindness is how love initiates something positive. One takes a deep breath; the other breathes out life.“

Where do you need to practice more patience and kindness throughout your day?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash