Take the High Road

May 22, 2024

The high road, the path less often traveled. Taking the high road with people requires acting in ways that may seem counterintuitive. We naturally want to be first, to be right, and for it to be easy. Taking the high road means allowing others to go first, let them take the credit; to swallow your pride and apologize when you are wrong. It can be as difficult as climbing a mountain from the base of the comfortable valley you were casually strolling in.

However, those who practice taking the high road become people of grace, people you want to be around, people who will extend back a hand to lift you along.
Leadership author John Maxwell puts it well in his book Winning with People, where he says people who take the high road:

– Care more than others think is wise
– Risk more than others think is safe
– Dream more than others think is practical
– Expect more than others think is possible
– Work more than others think is necessary

What road are you on?
What strategies and habits can you adopt to become a high road traveler?

Photo by Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash

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