7 Steps to Starting Your Day Well

May 22, 2024

Previously I wrote that the first hour is the rudder of your day, and indeed, many books have been written on the subject over the past few years. Most notably, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Common amongst the books, authors recommend creating a morning routine that gets you motivated to tackle the day.

Many of us are haphazard with our morning routine, often leading to rushing to get out the door in time. Pay attention to what you do in the morning, and what actually needs doing and then optimize your routine.

Coming up with a routine can be a daunting task. Your routine does need to be complex, in fact it is wise to keep it simple to not deter you. I have followed these 7 simple steps each morning for years, and so can you:

  • Drink a glass of water – Stimulates body functions and provides a great initial boost of energy.
  • Pee – This may seem odd to include, but it is an important and oft overlooked step. Peeing improves mood and focus. I bet your bladder is full after hours of sleep too!
  • Slowly turn on lights – If you are like me and rise before the sun, sudden illumination can be jarring. It makes me grumpy. Slowly turning on lights simulates the sun rising and your body responds more naturally.
  • Make coffee – Stimulates the cardiovascular system, kickstarts the brain, and is a mood enhancer. Not a coffee drinker? No problem, substitute with your drink of choice.
  • Read personal growth material (Like this site! 😉 ) – Gets the brain moving in a positive direction. Your morning attitude will likely stick with you through the day.
  • Review the day’s calendar – Gets the brain prepared for the tasks of the day. I find I am more confident knowing the big expectations of the day.
  • Move and reflect – Light physical activity that allows your brain to roam free: shower, walk, etc. Reflection is a powerful tool. Use it before you start your day to provide inspiration for the activities ahead.

Is your morning optimized to provide lasting motivation through the day?
Where can you improve your morning routine?

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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