New Toy: B.C. Rich Warlock NJ Electric Guitar

September 23, 2021

I became involved in music at a young age. As time progressed I have acquired more and more instruments (and gotten rid of many too!), but there has been one on my bucket list for quite some time, the B.C. Rich Warlock.

I saw my first Warlock in person as a teenager and it was love at first sight. I knew someday I would have one, but I was not a guitar player at the time. Fast forward to today- I am still not a guitar player, though I can jam out a few chords, but I now have that B.C. Rich Warlock I have long wanted!

B.C. Rich Warlock NJ

This is the B.C. Rich Warlock NJ series. The serial number on it is strange. B.C. Rich changed their serial number formats several times over the years. As near as I can tell, this is from 1992. What drew me to this particular guitar was the deep blue color highlighting the wood grain. That first Warlock I saw had the same look to it. It would seem to be somewhat rare. Most Warlocks are solid black or solid red.

For its age, and considering these are typically thrashing guitars, it is in very good shape. Needed a good cleaning and one of the bridge posts was loose. Easy fix. Since these photos it has been shined up quite a bit more.

Here are some of the handy resources that I found about the history of B.C. Rich guitars that helped identify this one:

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