New fish for the 30 gallon freshwater tank

May 1, 2020

Having been stuck at home for the last few weeks, I have been playing with my tanks. That, of course, has had me wanting to change things up a bit.

I had intended to swap the 30 with the 90-gallon tank by now and was waiting to get new fish, but I decided that with the elevated light that an algae bloom was well on its way. The Wet Spot, maybe the best fish store on the West Coast is offering free shipping this month, so I sprang for some new fish.

Specifically, I have been wanting a Golden Nugget Pleco.

The German Blue Rams have caught my fancy too.

So I ordered them! Tossed a few Cardinal Tetras in as well.

It has been a couple of weeks since they arrived, and I am really enjoying this Ram.

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