Free 90 gallon fish tank! Big project alert

October 29, 2019

Some of you may know- to add to the list of crazy traits I have, I love fish keeping. When I was born my parents had 21 fish tanks in the house, in fact, they met at a fish club show. Growing up I was around all varieties of tanks, from 5 gallons to 125 gallons. Small community fish to fish large enough to take a finger off.

Over the last four years I lived on a small powerboat- not really enough room to have a proper tank, so I have been without fish a while. After moving into our project house, I set up my old 30 gallon tank, but I wanted more.

Yesterday on OfferUp I saw a 130 gallon tank listed, FOR FREE! Hard to pass that up. I headed over and picked it up a few hours after it was posted.

free 90 gallon tank and stand

Tank size from a picture is a bit hard to determine, so I will post photos of the measurements below. Suffice to say this is a 90 gallon tank, not a 130. But hey, it was free!

The tank material is acrylic. I believe this is the first acrylic tank I have owned. There is a slight haze to it that I can get off with a good buffing. Sometimes when filled with water the haze disappears, so I will try that first.

The stand looks rough in the picture- because it is rough. There is a lot of rot and water damage on it. I do not trust it with the 800 pounds it will be holding. No big deal, we were already knew it needed work from the posting photos. I will take the doors off the front and build a new skeleton inside it. Piece of cake.

Sadly, there are several projects around the house that are higher priority than getting this tank running, so it will be a few months until she is up and running.

I prefer under gravel filters but am tossing around the idea of building an external sump. What do you think? Shoot me a message.

Outer tank size

Inner tank size

7 thoughts on “Free 90 gallon fish tank! Big project alert

  1. DeAngela Kittrell (January 15, 2020)

    What is a under gravel pump? How does that work?

    1. Ben Lobaugh (blobaugh) (January 30, 2020)

      An under gravel filter is a sheet of elevated plastic with slots or holes in it. It goes in the tank first, and the gravel on top of it. Near the back are one or more tubes going straight up. Into those tubes you put an airline with an airstone on it. That causes suction underneath the plastic and pulls debris and detritus down into the gravel. It is a highly effective filtration method, and especially great if used in planted tanks. The drawback is the water is cycled less frequently and there may be particles floating in the water. They are essentially no maintenance, other than the normal gravel vacuuming done during a water change.

  2. james Slade (May 27, 2020)

    Did u give away your tank and stand?

    1. Ben Lobaugh (blobaugh) (May 27, 2020)

      Nope! I have all my tanks still. There has not been an update on this tank yet because other projects needed to get done first. It is about to commence though!

      1. Jeffrey (October 12, 2020)

        I want it

  3. Francisco J Valdez (June 13, 2021)

    I been trying to get my son some fish and i can’t really afford it

  4. affan (August 29, 2021)

    i really want it i have a flowerhorn in 20 gallon tank i want a big tank its costs a lot in uae and since i have been finding aquariums for cheap rate and i saw ur website can i plsssssssssssssss get this aquarium plssss

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