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How to fix missing Calibri and Cambria fonts on Mac (Bonus: Segoe UI)

If you open Microsoft formatted documents on your Mac like I do then you have probably run across the annoying message saying the Calibri or  Cambria font is missing.

For years I have ignored this as an annoyance, but today I decided to do something about it. Turns out there is a very easy fix!

Richard Taylor of RMTWeb became fed up like me and put together a package of fonts to restore Calibri and Cambria fonts on the Mac.

Getting the fonts running is trivial:

That’s it.


You will no longer get that annoying message about missing fonts!

Thanks to Richard for providing this resource! His original instructions can be found at https://www.rmtweb.co.uk/calibri-and-cambria-fonts-for-mac

Bonus: Segoe UI Font

After posting the original fonts I ran across an issue with Segoe UI fonts missing. Microsoft provides a download for them at Segoe UI and Fabric MDL2 external icon font. The install instructions are the same as above!

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  1. Danny

    This doesn’t seem to work when you have the default installation path as computer instead of user. None of the fonts install. Any ideas?

    • BeenAroundAwhile

      You probably need to be an administrative user, or need to authorize if presented with a password request.

  2. Thanks! I was missing the Calibri font on my 2015 iMac for some reason and your download worked. Just copied them all into my Font Book. Thanks again!

  3. Heather

    Thank you for this! Worked great

  4. Donna Baldwin

    Many thanks. This has irritated me for ages. Very grateful.

  5. Joshua Giles

    Thanks! This was super helpful!

  6. Daisy

    Thank you! Was wondering where these fonts went and how to get them back.

  7. Troy

    Instructions worked perfectly! Thank you!

  8. Mark

    How about MS Sans Serif?

  9. Christina L Fifer

    This was super helpful!! Excel on my Mac was running so slow and found my preferred font was missing — this solved it!

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