Reminder to change fuel filters often

February 16, 2017

Billabong’s Yanmar 3gm is having a hard time firing. I am fairly certain it is due to fuel issues. When I pulled out the primary and secondary fuel filters there was a lot of gunk that came out with it. Clogged fuel filters restrict fuel flow and can cause issue inside the motor if not changed out. Based on what these filters look like I believe it is also time to suck out and polish the fuel tank as well. After changing the filters and trying to fire the motor out of a fresh can of diesel I am concerned the injectors and/or injector pump is also clogged up due to filter failure. Waiting on a real mechanic to come provide his opinion on the matter.

(Click images to make them larger)

This is the primary filter. It came out looking like mud with thick brown sludge oozing out. The fuel has an unhealthy look about it as well.


This is the secondary filter. It does not look muddy but there are big concerning chunks that nearly completely clogged the filter material and were swirling around inside the filter housing.

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