The Jeep gets a new radiator

March 23, 2019


Black Hummer

Just kidding. Though I was tempted to trade the Jeep!

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been over heating lately. There has been a coolant leak since I owned it, and some leak stop severely gummed up the fins in the radiator. The warm weather brought the issue to stark light.

Spent 7 hours today swapping it for a brand new radiator. Way too long! This Jeep has the 4.7 V8 in it. Lots of power and fun, but the engine compartment is also more cramped. The fan has 4 bolts and one of them was difficult to get as it was behind the steering pump. We decided to pull the hoses off the fan and pull it out as a single unit. BAD IDEA. If you do it figure out how to get the fan bolts out and you will save a ton of time.

Anyways….. we got it done. The Jeep is holding temp rock solid now. And no more leaking!!!

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