Ready and excited for my sail to San Francisco aboard S/V Silver Wings!

August 4, 2017

Over a year ago Risto, another Footloose Disabled Sailing volunteer, invited me aboard his boat for a delivery run to San Francisco. The time has come!

I write this post while sitting in the cockpit watching the sunset. We shove off tomorrow morning around 3-4am to go with the tide.

S/V Silver Wings is a Pearson 367C. A stout cruising sailboat. Risto and his wife Liz have spent the last several years prepping the boat so that after retiring they could cast off the lines and go sailing into new adventures.

I am excited and honored to be a part of the delivery. This will be my first blue water (open ocean) sail. For many a year I have dreamt of sailing across the Pacific ocean and down into the South Pacific islands. Coming from Seattle most sailors head down to San Francisco before jumping off. This experience will provide me with the first half of the journey.

I will be keeping daily logs and post them when I return to land.

Follow along with us on Marine Traffic.

Fair Winds!

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