Pay off your student loans with IFTTT and Qapital

October 26, 2016

STUDENT LOANS! The bane of all college graduates are those pesky student loans. When we are in college they seemed like a dream come true to those of us without the ability to pay tuition outright, but they will follow you around for years, irritating you like a pebble in your shoe. Every time you try to move forward they make themselves known again.

If you are like many humans and struggle to smash away those pesky student loans you are in luck! Qapital, a startup that has been around for a few solid years now, has a savings platform designed around saving with automated triggers. You can tap into built in triggers to automagically move money to an account for paying off student loans to dramatically burn down that loan amount.

Here are examples of some triggers I setup to pile up money to pay down my student loans without requiring any tedious action on my part.

  • Set & Forget – Moves $5 each day to the loan account
  • Round-up – Rounds each purchase up to the nearest even dollar amount
  • Each checkout adds $5
  • My favorite local beer and coffee shops add $2 with each purchase
  • Reaching my step goal adds $5
  • 52 week challenge – First week adds $52, second week adds $51, third week  adds $50, down to $1 on the last week of the challenge

Pretty powerful stuff isn’t it? Using this method I will be able to pay down my loans at a bare minimum of $2,800 per year plus any of the dynamic triggers that may be hit!

We can take this even a step further by integrating IFTTT and Qapital. IFTTT is an online service that watches the internet for certain actions and when it sees the action it will trigger another action. In our scenario we could setup a trigger to add $10 each time the Seahawks win a game. IFTTT has a large list of Qapital triggers. Some of the more interesting include:

  • Add money when it rains (Maybe not such a good trigger in Seattle!)
  • Whenever you post a picture of your pet to Instagram
  • Whenever you go to the gym
  • When you get a new Twitter follower

You can use it in the reverse as a way to fine yourself also:

  • If you miss your step goal
  • If you eat fast food

The possibilities are endless.

To wrap this thing up, if you are struggling to pay off a student loan or any sort of debt I highly recommend taking a look into leveraging Qapital to do your saving for you with the built in triggers and the great collection of IFTTTs.

Disclaimer: Neither Qapital nor IFTTT solicited or paid for this review.