I raced a Tiger

April 2, 2016

imagejpeg_0-1Wow wow wow!

I have been racing with Joe Bozick on his Sweden 36 Breeze all year. Breeze is fast, real fast. She usually takes the gold. Breeze is a racer/cruiser. That means she is fast AND comfortable. I could comfortably live on Breeze for an extended period of time.

Recently I was treated to an entirely different kind of sailboat, a sportboat. This particular boat is a Flying Tiger 10m named Anarchy. It was my first experience on a true 100% racing boat since I have been racing and boy was I treated.

The race started, the wind was low, but before we even had our sails all the way up we were flying across the water at 6 knots. Nobody else could keep up! I think we reached a max of 9 knots during that race. It was short and we never had the sails set well. Boggled my mind at how easy it was to go fast in the Flying Tiger. On Breeze we dial everything in and then make technical tweaks. If we had done that on Anarchy during the race we likely would have lapped the other boats!

Now I have come to the realization that while I do indeed want a boat like Breeze, something fast and comfortable, I also need a boat like Anarchy, a pure race boat built to zoom zoom. I have already been scheming in my head as to how I could best utilize both boats during the racing season with split crews. I see a fun windy adventure ahead of me when I am able to realize that dream!

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