First projects with my sewing machine

January 25, 2016

For over a year I have been wanting to try my hand at sewing. A month ago I did an intro sewing class and rather enjoyed it.

My original idea was to make my own covers for everything on my boats. Purchasing pre made is expensive! The mainsail cover for my 23′ sailboat alone is several hundred dollars. I can make my own cheaper than that!

As the idea has grown it has gone from just boat stuff to really everything, and I like it.

Alix bought me a Janome HD3000 sewing machine. This machine is a heavy duty machine that can chew its way through heavy marine canvas, and nimbly create a dress for our future daughters.

Tonight I tried my hand at my first projects, by myself, with my own machine. The results are not too bad for this being only the second time I have touched a sewing machine.

Mariah doing the “catwalk” and modeling her new jacket


iPad case for the wifey


simple pen pouch. the first project!