Yamaha 8hp outboard carb cleaning

May 26, 2015

Zippey’s motor is powered by a Yamaha two stroke 8HP outboard. I purchased this motor in 2012 and it has run strong until now. I started having issues with the cooling flowing properly which led me to investigate other issues, such as a rough idle.
The motors idle was getting a little rough near the end of last summer and this spring when I fired the motor it would die on idle. After reading several articles all pointing at a clogged carbeurator it decided to give it a go. I pulled the carb off the motor and took it partially apart. This was not a full rebuild, just needed to get access to some of the canals. I blew those out with carb cleaner and put it all back together.

Unfortunately I did not take in process pics because my hands were rather dirty. Here are a couple after the fact videos though.